HA-Lizard - High Availability for XenServer


HA-Lizard is the defacto standard for high availability and redundancy in two node XenServer clusters using internal storage. No requirement for external storage or NAS.


HA-lizard provides complete automation and hyper-convergence for managing Xen server pools which utilize the XAPI management interface and toolstack (as in Xen Cloud Platform and XenServer). 


The software suite provides complete HA features within a given pool. The overall design is intended to be lightweight with no compromise of system stability.


Traditional cluster management suites are not required. HA is provided with built in logic for detecting and recovering failed services.


Development is well tested and based on Xen Cloud Platform (XCP) version 1.6 and XenServer 6.1/6.2/6.5/7.0.





HA-Lizard Core Features

bulletAuto-start of any failed VMs

bulletAuto-start of any VMs on after reboot

bulletDetection of failed hosts and automated recovery of any affected VMs

bulletDetect and clean up orphaned resources after a failed host is removed

bulletRemoval of any failed hosts from pool with takeover of services

bulletFencing support for HP ILO, XVM and POOL fencing (forceful removal of host from pool)

bulletSplit brain prevention using heuristics from external network points and quorum

bulletHA support for pools with two hosts

bulletStructured interface for simple “bolt-on” of fencing scripts

bulletDual operating modes for applying HA to appliances or individual VMs

bulletAbility to exclude selected appliances and VMs from HA logic

bulletAuto detection of host status allows for safely working on hosts without disabling HA

bulletCentralized configuration for entire pool stored in XAPI database

bulletCommand-line tool for managing global configuration parameters

bulletParameter override available per host for custom configurations

bulletHA can be enabled/disabled via command line tool or graphical interface (like XenCenter)

bulletExtensive Logging capabilities to system log file

bulletEmail alerting on configurable triggers

bulletDynamic cluster management logic auto-selects roles and determines recovery policy

bulletNo changes to existing pool configuration required. All logic is external

bulletNo dependencies – does not compromise pool stability or introduce complex SW packages.

bulletDesigned to work with the resident packages on a standard XCP/XenServer host

bulletFull hyper-convergence of Citrix Xenserver, High Availability and Server components


HA-ISCSI - Support for XenServer HA with 2 hosts

With so many requests for support of high availability of Xenserver and Xen Cloud Platform with 2 hosts, we designed new software to make HA-Lizard even better!

HA-ISCSI is an add-on module for two node pools utilizing Xen Cloud Platform (XCP) or XenServer virtualization environments. It is intended to build highly available two-node clusters with local storage without limiting pool advanced functionality such as live migration.


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