We are number one for Citrix XenServer High Availability and Redundancy for Two Node Clusters with Internal Storage


It's official, we are the number one solution around the world when it comes to Citrix Xenserver and High Availability on two-node clusters using standard internal storage! It's easy to use, 100% reliable and no strain on hardware resources. Best of all, it's free with no purchase requirements, no adware, and no hidden code.


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HA-Lizard for High Availability and Redundancy for Two Node Citrix XenServer Clusters with Internal Storage


HA-Lizard is a high quality, open-source project that provides high availability software solutions for the Citrix XenServerâ„¢ virtualization management platform. HA-Lizard provides High Availability and Redundancy for two-node clusters utilizing internal storage and/or drives. This Hyperconvergence solution is not found in Citrix XenServerâ„¢ and the few solutions available are either complicated, feature challenged or expensive.

The software is designed to be lightweight with no compromise of system stability. In addition, there are no dependencies to interfere with pool stability or add complex software packages. HA-Lizard is software design and technical detail you expect from a leading high availability and redundancy solution.


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HA-ISCSI - Support for XenServer HA with 2 hosts

ha iscsi application drawing

Ha-Lizard makes Citrix XenServer High Availability easy! 

With so many requests for support of the high availability of Xenserver and Xen Cloud Platform with 2 hosts, we designed new software to make HA-Lizard even better!

HA-ISCSI is an add-on module for two-node pools utilizing Xen Cloud Platform (XCP) or XenServer virtualization environments. It is intended to build highly available two-node clusters with local storage without limiting pool advanced functionality such as live migration.


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